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College Ready

Are you College Ready?

Due to COVID-19, we are transitioning College Ready to an online format. 

College Ready is an early enrollment program that allows incoming Freshman to take two courses online during Summer Session II. All participants will receive: 

  • Freshman Year Navigator. Your navigator will serve as a peer-mentor and assist you throughout your entire freshman year. Additionally, you will be in teams so you can connect with fellow participants virtually! 
  • College Ready Success Coach. Participants will receive individualized mentoring from a full-time staff member or graduate assistant from the Center for Student Success. They will work with you throughout the Summer Session II and into the Fall and Spring semester of your freshman year. 
  • College Ready Success Box. Students will receive a custom box delivered to their house prior to the program starting. This will include items to aid you in your academic success at MSU!
  • College Steady Events. Since we have transitioned to an online program, we still want to provide you the opportunity to experience some of the same events we planned for the summer. You will have exclusive invites to these events in the Fall and Spring semester. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to start college early and be College Ready!