Courses Offered

All courses will be taught online during Summer 2020. Courses taught in the College Ready program will fulfill university general education requirements. Once students are admitted to the program, they will indicate their preferences for courses. Final selection of course offerings will be in part based on the student populations admitted to the program.


  • MA 0103, Intermediate Algebra
  • MA 1313, College Algebra
  • MA 1323, Trigonometry
  • MA 1713 Calculus I


  • EN 1103, English Composition I - FULL with waitlist 
  • EN 1113, English Composition II


  • BIO 1134, Biology I

Fine Arts

  • ART 1113, Art Appreciation


  • PHI 1113, Introduction to Logic

Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • PSY 1013, General Psychology - FULL with waitlist 

College Study Skills

  • LSK 1023, College Reading and Study Skills


  • CO 1013, Intro to Communication 
    • Originally CO 1003, Fundamentals of Public Speaking was planned. Due to the change online, the department felt confident this course would fit the online structure more. Many majors will allow either CO 1003 or CO 1013 to satisfy the oral communication competency requirement.